Kevin Kreuzer

Hello, I'm Kevin Kreuzer. I am a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Angular. I live in Switzerland and work as a freelance front-end engineer, speaker, blogger and coach.

Modern web technologies move fast, therefore I always try to learn new things, expand my knowledge, and share it with others.

I give workshops, talk on podcasts or speak on meetups and conferences. Furthermore I am a writer for various tech publications and the most active writer on Angular in-depth in 2019. Contributing to multiple projects and maintaining multiple npm packages I am also a big believer in open source.

Besides coding, I am a big football fan. Since my childhood, I support Real Madrid, which you will notice in a lot of my blog posts and tutorials.

Open source

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  • 2018 - Current

    Frontend Architect / Coach

    Maintaining core libraries and Angular component frameworks. Giving workshops about modern frameworks and technologies.

  • 2018

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Conception and implementation of micro frontend architecture. Conception of migration strategy to upgrade legacy application to new technologies

  • 2016 - 2018

    Senior Frontend Enginner / Coach

    Developing and maintaining frontend stack for the clients company. Supporting projects during ramp up phase. Teaching development teams during workshops.

  • 2016

    Frontend lead

    Implementing a web client that will be used across the country to send and receive money. Integration hardware components like scan mouse into a web application.

  • 2015

    Full Stack Engineer

    Implementing a progressive web app for desktops and mobile phones of all sizes to help employees avoid busy trains.

  • 2014

    Software Engineer

    Renewal of a ticketsystem and integration of partner APIs.




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